Saturday, 22 November 2008

Ten ton truck

I rarely address the readers of this episodic wanderlust but my nerves do tell. Shan't we walk the rockin' horse, will we meet the maker? Who knew life would follow this course.....
In the spirit of santum i entreat mon sweetest massage. Wonder you might of this moog, but trilbies will come tonight, the sight should beguile you quite, but try as you might the hats will hatch. 
"If you ain't got a beer for a bro i don't want to know"
                                                  Tim 'the toolman' Taylor 
He said it, I read it!
Quel Chez?
Mon ami.
Chocolate Kisses

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

"how come me no see no worms no more?"


Down Dawson's Creek on a row boat,
Moving this vessel down streeeeeeeam.
I just eat a crunchie twice-time too fast,
Life is such a totally fantastic dream-wa-wa-weam.

You're a little monkey baby!
Crazy lady Blues - I got the crazy lady blues!

Fruity Tooty

Cherry waterfall, take my sins away.
Cherry waterfall, take me hooooo-me.

Lem-on ja-cuzzi, you are my home now,
Lemon bla-monge, shake to-and-frooooooo.

Orange cornetto, moi'taliano,
Orange cornetto, uno momeeeeeeeent-o.

Fruity man fruity, you're such a cutie,
Fruity mon fruity, sleep to sleep. 

Goodbye Pumpkin Pie     (:{) 

Wednesday, 12 November 2008


I spoke to a friend today. 
I came away from the conversation with a feeling I couldn't name. It was definitely a feeling I had experienced before, many times in fact, but I was no closer to finding the word to describe it.
He spoke with abounding spirit and storm, I enjoyed listening to him, his verve was infectious, but the subject matter, on reflection, bothered me. I worried for my fellow man. 
The plight that raised his blood pressure was so far removed from his everyday life that I worried, for his everyday life. I can't go into specifics at this time, but I'm warning you, WATCH OUT!    

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Some people came to bust my head in (final verse)

And now my head is empty, it works much better now,
I've pulled myself together, I've got the know how.
Consigned to dusty thought shelves, unveiled when I allow,
because my head is empty, it works much better now.